Live or Die: Zombie Survival Mod Apk 0.3.471 Unlimited Money

Live or Die: Zombie Survival Mod Apk 0.3.471 Unlimited Money

4.2 (64.2K)Action, Games

App Information of Live or Die: Zombie Survival

App Name Live or Die: Zombie Survival v0.3.471
Genre Action, Games
Size174 MB
Latest Version0.3.471
Get it On Google Play
UpdateSep 27, 2022
Package Namecom.pgstudio.survival
Rating 4.2 ( 64.2K )

Description of Live or Die: Zombie Survival

Live or Die: Zombie Survival Mod Apk 0.3.471 Unlimited Money + Gold + Mega Menu latest version – It’s the end of the world, and you’re one of the last humans left. What do you do? One option is to hide in a bunker and hope for the best. But if that fails, you might have to fight for your life against hordes of undead monsters. In this blog post, we will teach you how to survive as a zombie in Android. We’ll cover everything from weapon crafting to strategy and tactics. So whether you want to live or die, we’ve got you covered!

The game combines elements of RPG

In Live or Die, players take on the role of a survivor in an ongoing battle against zombies. The game combines elements of RPG and strategy games, with players having to make critical decisions about when to fight and when to run.

Live or Die is a challenging game that will keep you on your toes. You’ll have to carefully plan your moves in order to survive. Make sure you stock up on food and ammo, because you’ll need them if you want to make it through the night.

There are several different types of zombies in Live or Die, so you’ll need to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Be strategic in choosing your targets, because sometimes the best way to kill a zombie is with something other than gunfire.

Live or Die offers a variety of modes that will let you play the game how you want. There’s a story mode where you follow along as the world falls apart, and there are also survival modes where you try to last as long as possible against hordes of undead creatures.

Gone zombies apocalypse

Zombies are everywhere, and they’re hungry. If you want to survive the coming zombie apocalypse, you need to be prepared. Here are some tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse:

1. Stock up on food and water: Remember that zombies will only eat living things, so make sure you have plenty of food and water to last you. You may also want to stockpile non-perishable items like canned goods or energy bars in case the power goes out or the zombies get into your supplies.

2. Build a shelter: If zombies do manage to get inside your home, building a shelter is key. A sturdy shelter can help protect you from the cold, wind, rain and other elements outside. You can make one yourself using items found around your home (e.g., crates, tarps), or find an existing shelter nearby.

3. Stay aware of your surroundings: One of the best ways to avoid being attacked by zombies is to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or movement, and if you see anything strange, don’t hesitate to head indoors immediately!

4. Equip yourself with proper gear: Even if you survive the initial outbreak of zombies, chances are good that you’ll eventually come across them in close quarters – which means proper gear is essential for protecting yourself from bites and scratches as well as from gunfire or other weapons used against zombies(). Remember to pack

Live or Die Zombie Survival Mod Apk

Features Live or Die Zombie Survival Games

Zombies have taken over the world, and it’s up to you to save humanity from this undead apocalypse. In these survival games, you must gather supplies, fight off zombies, and build a shelter in order to survive. Whether you’re playing on your phone or tablet, these zombie survival games are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Rules of survival in Live or Die

Zombie survival games are a dime a dozen on Google Play store, but which one is the best for you?

I’ve used the following criteria to decide which of the many zombie survival games is right for you: Graphics, gameplay mechanics and storyline. Let’s take a look at each criterion.

Graphics: The graphics in Live or Die are good, but not great. They look like they could be from an older game and may not be as appealing to some players. However, if you’re looking for an older game with better graphics, this probably isn’t the game for you.

Gameplay Mechanics: The gameplay mechanics in Live or Die are easy to learn and hard to master. You control a character who must scavenge for food, weapons and other supplies in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. This makes it possible for even novice gamers to have fun playing the game. There is also a co-operative mode where players can work together to survive against hordes of zombies.

Storyline: The storyline in Live or Die is gripping and well written. You play as one of several characters who must band together in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. As you progress through the game, you’ll make tough decisions that will affect your character’s fate.

Gather resources with an ax, pickaxe or other tools

When you’re faced with a zombie apocalypse, gathering resources will be key to your survival. With an ax, pickaxe or other tools, you can gather food, water and ammunition.

To survive in the zombie Apocalypse, you’ll need to eat food and drink water. Zombies are attracted to noise, so make as little noise as possible when scavenging for food or water. Try to avoid direct sunlight if possible.

If you have access to firearms, use them to defend yourself from zombies. Firearms provide a great way to kill zombies quickly and efficiently. Make sure to stock up on ammunition before the outbreak begins.

Try hunting and grow food

Hunting and gathering are two primary methods of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Hunting provides food, while gathering allows for the construction of shelters and the collection of other resources necessary for survival.

There are a number of different hunting resources available in a zombie apocalypse. Game animals, like deer, elk, and bear, can be hunted with traditional weapons like rifles or bows. However, some game animals are wary of humans and may not be easy to find. In these cases, you can use traps to capture game animals.

Another option is to scavenge food from fallen zombies. Dead bodies provide an abundant source of food and water for scavenging, as well as ammunition and other supplies. Beware of poisonous zombies, though – eating any infected body part can render you sick or even kill you.

Shelters are one of the most important components of a successful zombie survival strategy. A shelter provides protection from the elements and can serve as a base of operations from which to search for food or defend against attacks by zombies. You can build your own shelter using items found around you or by looting abandoned buildings.

Zombie survival isn’t easy – but with careful planning and careful execution, it’s possible to survive long enough to rebuild society

Build and upgrade shelter

When the undead start roaming, your first priority is to build a shelter and prepare for the coming apocalypse. You’ll need to scavenge for supplies and arm yourself for battle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to build and upgrade a basic shelter, as well as how to create more advanced defences.

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Download and Install Instruction

If you want to play Live or Die: Zombie Survival Mod Apk on your Android device, at first download the modded version game from our direct download link. Before install the modded version, Uninstall the original version Live or Die: Zombie Survival from your device that you have install from Google play store. Now install the mod apk file of Live or Die: Zombie Survival and install the game. Finally open the game and enjoy the premium features for free.

What’s Included in this latest version?

Shop updated;
Redesigned the entire game interface;
Fixed various bugs;
Redrawn some icons;
Reduced game size;
Optimized graphics;
Fixed some translation bugs;
Redesigned motorcycle craft;
Fixed the balance of hunger and thirst;
Fixed incorrect display of some weapons.


If you found any error to download Live or Die: Zombie Survival Mod Apk and if the mod version does not work for you, do not forget to leave a comment. We will updated the download link as soon as possible and reply your comment.

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